Wii Fit Trainer

  • Hello @Whimpers! Its me, Bup (or RedWool)! I am applying for mod on the SMS Forum. I am a really hardworking and active mod!

    I am a OG dating back to the owolol time with the LS32 Test Grade of 90. I have helped fight corruption in many times such as Tristan doing stuff and Aidin's bad Agar Forum. I organized the boycott that turned back the Agar Forum almost everyone thought was abusive.

    I am the best fit for mod because I like to make fun events and keep rules in check without being too strict. Such events is the Bad Draws game and making lots of update ideas. Bup likes having fun, but you can't have fun if them spammers are on this forum

  • administrators

    Application Denied. Reason: Low detail. Bad grammar. You have one more chance at an application.