Application for Moderator #2

  • The Club

    I am a wowbad veteran and joined the community during the era. I helped you make many decisions regarding the forum and overthrew one of the worst Administrators in forum history. I am possibly the most qualified Administrator on this forum.

    I made this forum’s current rule AND government system and spent a lot of time editing and working on it. I’ve always fought oppression and spam in the forum during my entire time on this forum. I know more about the rules than anyone on the forum.

    I also have tons of experience as an Administrator and Moderator, and have moderated and administrated the forum for months. I am loyal to the forum and understand the roles authority should play in a forum. I hope you consider and accept my application for Moderator of the SMS Forums.

  • administrators

    More detail please. Make a follow up post. I wanna know what you will do not what you’ve done.