• TheRealAlg

    Hello There! My name is Christopher Koshy from SMS and I would like to apply for Moderator. I was a part of the forums since the era. I have seen the history of this forum and have seen everything that has changed and that has not changed. What is the importance of this? The fact that I’ve seen the history of SMSF means that I have a good idea of the law and know what to do in a situation.

    I was also one of the most active and highest posting members since the wowgood era. This means that I can always be able to stop any spammers or rude members if anything of this nature happens. In addition I know of the steps that are necessary to stop the member that is in question. I can be active a lot, meaning that if something happens, I’ll be the first to call.

    I will promise a lot for my time as Moderator. I will be active so that I be monitoring what people do on the forums. I also want to make the forum a better place by making the forum a less toxic place. I will give warnings first. If it’s happening over and over, I will have to start the punishment. I will also make sure that I don’t abuse power. I will make sure that I use and apply to myself with DC32. I won’t use my mod perms as a joke.

    Sincerely, Chris Koshy

    The End

  • administrators

    Application denied. You have one more application chance. Reason: Bad grammar, low detail. I wanna know what you will do, not just experience. Speaking of experience, you need to show proof. Referencing specific documents and/or posts.